We are pleased that you have chosen to have your pool party at the Saratoga Pool! Please check our prices below:



All prices are standard for a party duration of 2 hours

with up to 25 people:

Monday - Thursday $85.00

      ($1.70/hour per person)

Friday - Sunday      $95.00

      ($1.90/hour per person)

You may have up to 20 more guests for an additional $50.00

Additional party time can be purchased for $30.00 per 30 minutes if that time is available. ( Please check 2019 PRIVATE PARTY RULES AND GUIDELINES)

A security deposit check in the amount of

$50.00 is required. You can have it back on the completion of party area clean up.

You are welcome to bring and setup your own canopy for your event.

SRG is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your personal property.