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Please read carefully!

These rules were made to ensure a pleasant and safe pool atmosphere.


These rules have been established and published by your Pool Board, and will be reinforced by the pool staff, so that everyone may enjoy the Saratoga Pool in safety and comfort. If you have any questions about their intent or enforcement, please ask a member of the pool staff or the Pool Board.


  • You may enter the pool only if your record in the MemberSplash registration system shows that membership dues have been paid in full for the current swim season. Please register at the front desk upon entry.

  • Each paid membership is authorized a set of free guest passes per season as follows: ten (10) per family, six (6) per couple, four (4) per single. Additional guest passes may be purchased. may only by using guest passes as reflected in the MemberSplash registration system.  The maximum number of guests allowed will be based on the overall size of the member’s group and may not exceed eight (8) total patrons. You must remain with your guests at all times while they are on the pool property.

  • Children 13-18 years old may bring one guest or a sibling, with a parent’s permission.

  • Young people 18 - 21 years old may bring up to three (3) guests.

  • Children under 12 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult or a sibling 13 years old or older.

  • Children from 12 to 17 years old may enter the pool unaccompanied by an adult if:

    • He or she has passed a swim test administered by a certified lifeguard employed by pool management.

    • His or her parent or guardian has provided permission as documented in the MemberSplash system (Account Notes).


  • Please do not loiter by the desk.

  • If use of the showers in the restrooms is NOT restricted, please take a shower before entering the pool.

  • No pets are allowed on the Saratoga Pool property or within the pool enclosure.

  • Bicycles must be properly placed in the bicycle rack outside the pool house.

  • No wheeled play equipment such as bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, etc. are to be used in the pool enclosure.

  • Water guns, nerf balls, sports balls (volleyballs, footballs, etc.), beach balls, and inflatable toys or rafts are allowed in the pool, provided their use does not impact other members in the pool or on the deck or become a safety issue.

  • No acrobatics or other dangerous actions may be performed in the pool.

  • No running, chasing, pushing, or rough playing is allowed on the concrete deck.

  • Children under five (5) years of age are allowed in the shallow end of the pool, provided they are directly supervised by a parent or other adult at the edge of the pool.

  • Lap Lane: Priority for use of the lap lane is given to members wanting to swim laps. When a member is swimming laps, other members are to avoid standing in, jumping in, or playing in the lap lane. A member wanting to swim laps may request that the lifeguard clear the lap lane of others.

  • Diving well:

    • You must be able to swim to use the diving board, as evidenced by passing a swim test administered by a certified lifeguard employed by pool management. Swimmers 12 years of age or younger must wear a pool-issued wrist band to indicate that they have passed the swim test. Replacement bands are available for $1.00.

    • After notifying the guard, parents may catch small children in the diving well. These children may or may not be wearing floatation devices.

    • Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board.

    • Once a person dives into the water, he/she is to swim directly to the ladder and exit the diving well.  Those waiting to dive must not do so until the previous diver has exited the diving well.

    • No rafts or other inflatables are allowed in the diving well.

    • Children may play catch off the diving board as long as it does not become a safety issue.

    • The diving board may be closed for diving well games with the lifeguard’s permission.

    • If someone wants to use the diving board and there is a current game in progress, the lifeguards will ask for a vote—the majority rules.

    • If the lifeguard feels a child should take a break from playing in the diving well, the child must stand or sit poolside until the lifeguard feels that it is safe for the child to go back into the diving well. This is not to be considered a punishment but a safety break.

  • No yelling or shouting is allowed in the pool enclosure.

  • Please do not use profane language anywhere on pool premises.

  • Radios may be used at the pool, provided the volume does not disturb other attendees at the pool. The use of headphones is recommended.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in or on the edge of the pool.

  • Drinking alcoholic beverages on pool property is not allowed except at social events sanctioned by the Pool Board.

  • Food and/or non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed while seated at tables or on chairs 12 feet away from the pool’s edge.

  • No glass containers are allowed on the pool deck or immediate premises.

  • All refuse must be disposed of in the trash receptacles provided. Please do not litter on pool grounds.

  • Smoking is allowed only within areas outside the pool enclosure designated for that purpose.

  • A 10- to 15-minute “break” period will be observed during each hour of operation, so that children do not get overtired in the water. When the pool staff blows the whistle and announces “break!”, all those younger than 18 must exit the water

      and may not return to the water until the pool staff has announced the end of  

      break time.

Anyone violating these rules may have their pool privileges suspended for the remainder of the day; if the conduct is repeated, his or her pool membership could be revoked for the remainder of the season.


  • The baby pool is reserved for children 5 years old and under.

  • No children older than 5 years old can be in baby pool if toddlers are present in water.

  • Small baby carriages and strollers may be taken inside the baby pool area when space permits, at the discretion of the pool manager.

  • Strollers must employ brakes or be strapped to a fence.

  • If your child is not toilet-trained, a swim diaper MUST be worn.

  • A parent or guardian must supervise toddlers at all times.


  • Please report any accident or injury immediately to the lifeguard on duty and/or to the pool manager. First aid supplies are maintained by the pool staff. Since a written accident report must be submitted by the pool manager, please provide all the information you have about the accident/injury and its cause.

  • Please inform lifeguards or a board member about unsafe activities on the pool grounds to insure your comfort and personal safety.


For a printed copy of the Saratoga Pool Rules, you can ask a lifeguard at the front desk.

(May 27, 2023)

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