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The Saratoga pool is a private pool, run by volunteers of the Saratoga Recreation Group.

We welcome all of our neighbors.  Check our location on the Google map on the right.              We would be happy to have you join us!

We have an American competition-sized 25 meter pool pool with 5 lap lanes, a deep end with diving board, and a shallow end with steps.

There is a picnic area with access to a gas grill and a kiddie pool for children 5 yrs. old and younger. 

The Saratoga Recreation Group, Inc. is the owner of the Saratoga Pool located at 8070 Edinburgh Drive, Springfield, VA.


Keith Tucker - CEO 

Dennis Turner - CFO

Patrick Sollers - COO

Wes Griffin - COO Assistant
Farrell Hartigan - Membership

Kim Cope - Corporate Secretary 

Valerie Sollers - Private Party Coordinator

Paul Pelletier - At Large

Eric Lewis -  Fundraising Committee

Scott Dalrymple - Social Media Manager

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